Another part of my work as an artist is dancing and performing on other people’s work in different arrangements.

Easy Does It by Nichoals Quinn. Photo by Nicholas Quinn

Easy Does It by Nichoals Quinn, Chisenhale Dance Space
A durational performance with Lucy Orta's 'Modular Architecture' (1996) By Phoebe Davies & Nandi Bhebh, Raven Row

Our White Friend by Colin, Simon & I, Siobhan Davies Dance

Laid Down Placed Next by Florence Peake, Modern Art Oxford
Afterlife by Eva Recacha, The Place/Touchwood

I've Been Going Round in Circles Since 1986 by Megan Saunders, Royal Festival Hall Racetrack/ MIRRORCITY
Swell The Thickening Surface Of by Florence Peake, Hayward Gallery/ MIRRORCITY
Modern Family by Ed Fornieles, Chisenhale Gallery
Wasteland Rituals by Adam James, Wick Woods/ Rose Lipman building/ Legion TV
Animate Objects in Sonic Action by Mehmet Sander and John Bowers, Jerwood Dancehouse/ SPILL Festival
OH-NI-TISHA-RRR-ZWU-CI-MA by Adam James, Jerwood Space

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