We Took Photographs

Simon Ellis, Paul Hughes, Hamish MacPherson

In May this year, Simon Ellis, Paul Hughes and I had a residency at S’ALA in Sassari, Italy. It was an open-ended residency and we wrote a response to our time there. It covers things to do with collaboration, power and when things don’t seem to be going right.

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“So we ask ourselves: why would anyone be interested in reading this? We went on a residency together and stepped on each other’s toes – this is hardly unique. But rather than shrugging this off, we think there might be some value in sticking with this writing; some reason to risk its earnestness and narcissism. That we might learn something in an attempt to stick with and articulate these feelings of shame, anger and grief. Something shifted, and the shift was fleeting and fragmented. How can we report on this shift; notice and communicate one’s own trauma as-it-is-happening? And to whom are we communicating: before whose eyes are we trying to understanding ourselves and make ourselves known?”