We Robot


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This was not about optimistic or positivisitic possibilities of Artificial Intelligence or transhumanism. It was about the reluctant or passive situation many of us find ourselves in, having to configure ourselves around technologies not of our design. A place for reluctant transhumanists and reluctant cyborgs. What if we took a step towards AI as it comes towards us? What if we started learning to submit? Perhaps we already are.

Over two weekends we used different techniques from performance and choreography to develop cyborg characters as ways to think about what cyborgs are. We devised scores for ourselves, had discussions, created still and video portraits and ended making a small expo/festival where we could encounter each other’s creations. The format was adapted in response to the group’s desires, shifting from a more structured starting point to something that was a bit more open and took time with different elements.

Supported by ArtsAdmin as part of the Live Art Development Agency’s DIY15 scheme, 2018 

We were also joined through video conference by m.c. schraefel, Professor of Computer Science and Human Performance at Southampton University to talk about the issues from a scientific perspective.