Rachael Dichter

Watch Me Watch You - These Things When We Are Together


What are different ways of looking, and what are ways of looking/allowing the gaze that invite or deflect intimacy? How do we see our audiences and how do we invite others into our performance?

In this two day workshop we'll work with watching each other and with proximity, towards a potentially greater intimacy, troubling the idea that closer is more intimate and finding ways of being close without letting others in. We will work with finding ways of inviting the gaze we want.

We’ll also work with hard care: caring as listening, witnessing, responding, assisting, consenting, controlling, dominating, second-guessing, and submitting. Caring as a relational and aesthetic practice; as a negotiation of constantly fluctuating needs, capacities and interests. Care as a duty, as a virtue, a fake position, a Faith No More lyric, a chore, a punishment, a method of exclusion.

We'll engage exercises that explore sensing, intimacy, care and power dynamics working in duos as well as group structures to examine ways of watching, caring, challenging and being in proximity that lead us into a deeper understanding and control over the intimacy we invite with each other as performers and intimacy with we engage, invite and relish with the audience.

We’ll be moving, talking, touching but you don’t need to have a movement or performance background to take part. The workshop is designed to be relevant to both professional dance and performance artists and those with an interest in these issues. Please let us know if you have any access or any other needs you would like us to be aware of. 

Part of Configurations.