Manual Labours

Thunderous Grumblings Under Cover of Darkness



I am Hamish

Thunderous Grumbling under cover of darkness is what I call a performance workshop. We’ll be

lying on the floor
tapping/ hitting ourselves
making sounds

There will be

helium ballons
glow sticks

It comes from an interest in how complaining can be seen not just as an appeal for change but as a mode of relations, a way of being together that carries within it complex values and emotional states?

whining, moaning, griping, nagging, bitching, belly aching, making a song and dance, breast-beating.

Complaints that do not reside on the level of the whole self but on the level below - the level of the organs or tissues. Or the level above - the level of the social body.

Complaints as a weather system as a matrix as a web of relations.

It’s an experiment

It might be confusing but decide how much confusion you want to sit with before complaining.

There will be a short interval but you can also step out to rest to go to the toilet, to drink, to watch, to eat, to play music

you can do these things at any time

do what you need to do

I will be reading a script but if you would like to take over reading the script then please do