It's going to be called either ‘so where exactly did the future come from?’ or ‘I can see the future, so can you and here's how.’


Photo: Eldi Dundee

Try to imagine what this talk will be like. You know the kind of thing. Like how the room will be laid out, what the other people there will be like, the kind of tone and references (maybe Henri Bergson but also something dance related, and something from popular culture) and images that I’ll be using (something collapsing, someone moving slowly). The sounds. Maybe some of the overspills (I might stumble on my words and maybe we’ll have trouble with the projector). Got it? Ok so it will be enough like that for you not to worry too much but also it will be a bit different too and will have more details than you can forsee so it should keep you interested too.

Part of AltMFA’s a-n supported programme on The Future.

Response by Nathania Hartley

Response by Naima Karlsson