STILL LIFE is an online and printed zine about relationships and configurations in which one person is still while others are not. Or where one person is passive and others are active. It’s about how we put ourselves in other people’s hands. Or how we are put in other people’s hands. It’s about care and power and vulnerability and agency. And other things not so clearly named. It’s about the different kinds of knowledge that people have about their own and other people’s bodies. And the kind of philosophical and political understandings woven into that knowledge.

“Consistently impressed and intrigued by this excellent zine: not just some incredibly acute thinking about what performance can do, but also what, as a format, a zine can aspire to do. Highly recommended.” - Chris Goode

“Enlightening, funny, odd and just brilliant to have around"

“Deep, soulful, complex, light, fun”

“Brilliantly broad and incisive”

Available from Arnolfini (Bristol); Centre for Contemporary Art (Derry~Londonderry); Chisenhale Dance Space, Housmans Bookshop, Tate Modern, Unbound, Whitechapel Gallery (London); Goodpress (Glasgow), Rile* (Brussels).

Part of Configurations.