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Do_Gooders is a publication created as a way to raise funds to support artists, creators and members of the UK BDSM and kink scene affected by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.
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A4, 80 pages

STILL LIFE Issues 1-4

STILL LIFE is an online and printed (maga)zine featuring interviews, texts and inages about choreography, care and kink.

Some Things About Dance

A book for people who dance, people who watch dance, people who teach dance, people who make dance, and their friends. Text by Simon Ellis. Illustrations by Hamish MacPherson.
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A5, 193 pages

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Horny? Likely? *Lonely

In March and April 2020 I used social media to ask, “Are you having sexual or sensual intimacy with people who are distant from you during the COVID-19 lockdowns?” Here are some of the anonymous responses I received. 
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A6, 54 pages

We Took Photographs

In May 2018 Simon Ellis, Paul Hughes and I went to S’ALA in Sassari, Italy. It was an open-ended residency and we wrote a response to our time there. It covers things to do with collaboration, power and when things don’t seem to be going right.
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A4,  24 pages

What if a complaint needs to be made with paint or fire or shit?

“What is it to complain today? Living in a service economy, in some ways it has never been easier to register my dissatisfaction with organisations and individuals, It is not only while shopping online that I am asked to rate the service or the seller with a number of stars or some other metric, but in real life too.”

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A5, 31 pages


A card game simulating an after work session in the pub where the only thing you have to do is complain. Seven mini games use 45 cards to determine what to complain about and how. Play several games to accumulate points.

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A short history of movements and movements in Stoke-On Trent. Developed as part of a residency undertaken during DECAPOD - AirSpace’s 10th Birthday exhibition.
Free Download (pdf) 285x380mm, 12 pages