Tim Casson



PlayDance practice is a playful approach to dancemaking and training. Tim Casson & Hamish MacPherson are interested in how games can be used in dance and choreography as a way to train, devise and perform. These Technique Exchange sessions will offer professional classes that consist entirely of games and playful activities. Having been working with games in their practices in different ways for the past few years, Tim & Hamish have recently started to collaborate; sharing, testing and refining dance based and choreographic games, developing their independent practices and creating their own ongoing investigative practice; PlayDance.

Tim Casson believes that contemporary dance can often be a little serious, and that by ‘playing’ with dance we can reconnect with the joyful reasons we started dancing in the first place.

Hamish MacPherson believes that games might offer ways into dance and choreography that sidestep preconceptions about what either might be.