Open House


Open House is a short speech and movement score for 10-60 people. Using verbatim text from the national parliament it makes a game of the metaphors of political debates. If political speech is used to choreograph citizens, can that national choreography be danced by a small crowd? And how might that crowd take control?

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Performed at BELLYFLOP: Cue Positions (Toynbee Studios) and Dancin' Oxford Festival 2014 (Merton College, Oxford). Choreography: Hamish MacPherson. Commissioned for Cue Positions: A Symposium by BELLYFLOP Thanks to: Charlie Ashwell, Jim Dowd MP, Antonio de la Fe, Alexandrina Hemsley, Anna Kaarina Jussilainen, Uma Lin, Bianca Martin, Jui Mhatre, Lauara Navundrup, Amaara Raheem, Zoya Sardashti, Suse Tee, Georgia Tegou, Fiona Tolland, Mil Vukovic, Gabriel Widing.