Referencing Ouija boards and Frederich Froebel's gifts, Metaform guides participants through a particular kind of conversation which to think and talk about big ideas.

Metaform is the practice for small groups tuning into the mindbody mesh that connects them. A mindbody mesh is produced through the thoughts, movements and speech of a group of people. It could be thought of as a collective unconsciousness with no singular mind (everyone will have a different perception of it). These meshes cannot be discerned precisely or clearly but you can trust that you are connecting to it through your different senses and systems.

Led by the reader, participants use the Metaform deck of cards and Metaform blocks to tune into this mesh through the production of metaphors. A card is drawn to reveal the 'centring' word (from 'Awe' to 'Utopia') and the group arrange some or all of the 23 wooden blocks in response to this word. A second card is drawn to guide the group's dialogue (for example ‘work in silence’ or ‘think of it as a dance’) and finally a third card shows the group how to reflect on the arrangement. There is no need to analyse the experience beyond what is suggested through the deck.

Readings for three to seven people at a time take between 15 and 30 minutes each.

Image: Kala Heatherson