Hamish MacPherson
b. 1975. London

2012-14    University of Roehampton. MRes: Choreography and Performance
2010-13    Birkbeck College. Foundation Degree in Performance: Dance
2006-08   Kings College London. MA: Human Values & Contemp’ Global Ethics
1997-00    University of Glamorgan. BA (Hon’s) Humanities
1996-97    Kent Institute of Art and Design. BTEC Foundation in Art and Design


It is urgent that we take our time
Paraphilia Collective [DO_Gooders magazine] Metaform
Wellcome Collection [Play Well]
Swallowsfeet Collective [Oops at Oh]
Shadows over Croydon w. Una Hamilton Helle
Croydon Arts Store
Zu Vier Handen w. Kimberley Harvey
Sophiensæle, Berlin [The Space Inbetween/No Limits 2019]
In which we prepare for…           
Commissioned by Alessia Cargnelli/ Catalyst Arts
Catalyst Arts, Belfast [Black Mountain]
Improvising Politics: Out of Touch Commissioned by Valerio Del Baglivo and Anna Santomauro
Grand Union, Birmingham [VOZ RARA]
Doomsday is Just Not Coming
Commissioned by The Bad Vibes Club
Centre for Contemporary Art, Derry-Londonderry
Institute of Contemporary Art, London [In Formation]
Open School East, Margate
Non Existent Activity
York St John University, York [SLAP festival]
The Old Market, Brighton [Swallowsfeet festival]
Commissioned by Rene Carmichael/ Flee Immediately
Published in Flee Immediately Issue 02: Dance and Code
Commissioned by Manual Labours
Showroom 2016 [The Complaining Body]
Peltz Gallery 2016 [The Complaining Body] MOVEMENT 4
Commisioned by AirSpace Gallery
AirSpace Gallwery [Decapod]
Maps w. Adam James and Sivan Rubenstein
Commisioned by Sivan Rubenstein
 Attenborough Centre, Leicester

Horny? Likely? *Lonely?
The Bad Vibes Club, Online FLOATING
SITE [in.oscillation]
Mansions of the Future, Lincoln [inDialogue 2019] MOVEMENT 12 (FLOATING)
Chisenhale Dance Space [Making an Exit]
It is urgent that we take our time
CCA Derry~Londonderry [URGENCIES]
Spill Central, Ipswich [Spill Festival]
Zu Vier Handen w. Kimberley Harvey
Metal Liverpool [Dadafest]
Southbank Centre, London [Unlimited]
We Robot
Artsadmin 2018 [LADA DIY]
Breathe: Imperative w. Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau
Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh
Display Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Somerset House Studios London
Alien Phenomenology w. Sarah Jury
The Space, London [Adam James: An Extension of Us]

🙊🚪🕖 w. Adam James.
Tate Britain, London [Family Festival]
🌳✋🔦 w. Adam James
Theatre Delicatesant, London [The Smoke int’l larp convention] Let’s Play PMQs w. Rosalie Schweiker and Sarah Jury
Resort studio, Margate 2017
The Great Invisible w. Katherine Hall.
The Trampery, London [Open Senses Festival]
Powerfully Careful w. Katherine Hall.
Brewery Studio, Bristol    
Alien Phenomenology w. Sarah Jury
Res., UK
Ed Forneliales Studio, London [Play Co Summit]

2016    There she lies motionless w. Francesca Cavello.
Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich [Manifesta 11]
Chisenhale Dance Space, London [OpenLAB]
Alt Prepping
Decoda Coventry University [Summer Dancing]
Guest Projects [The Rebel Man Standard]
Open School East
How Many Things to Build the Future
Studio ALTA, Prague [Ludic Stance] Thunderous Grumblings Under Cover of Darkness
Yorkshire Dance, Leeds Contemporary Dance is a Politcal Project
Sadlers Wells, London [The Rebel Man Standard]

🌳✋🔦 w. Adam James
Camden People’s Theatre, London
Watch Me Watch You w. Rachael Dichter  
Roehampton University, London    
How Many Chairs to Build the Future
Camden People’s Theatre, London [Beta Public IV]
Royal Holloway, London [Dancing Economies conference]
Utrecht University [Ppp conference]
The Third Chamber w. Gille Kleiman.
Beeston Park, Merrion Centre, Bramley Shopping Centre, Leeds [Ludus]
dialogue 1 part 5: How to live in a dead machine w. Maria Sideri
Chisenhale Dance Space, London

2014    All The Things That We Can Do
Chisenhale Dance Space, London
Shoreditch Town Hall, London
Roehampton University London
How Many Chairs to Build the Future
Showroom Gallery, London
Bethnal Green Library, London
Z-arts, Manchester [Emergency festival] The Third Chamber w. Gille Kleiman.
Ludus Dance, Lancaster [Encounters]
Open House
Merton College, Oxford [Dancin' Oxford Festival]
How do we think with our bodies?
Bethnal Green Library, London
what_now festival 2014
Siobhan Davies Studios, London

2013    Improvising Politics: explorations in Somatic Citizenship
Halmstad, Sweden [Knutpunkt]
            Millennium Point, Birmingham [Many & Varied: Bees In a Tin]
            Chisenhale Dance Space, London
2013   The Third Chamber w. Gille Kleiman.
            Brunswick Centre, London [Rajni Shah Projects]    
2013   Open House
            Toynbee Studios, London [BELLYFLOP Cue Postions]
2013   The corrosive effects of time redefine everything against our will
            Roehampton University, London
2013   Dancing Politics. w Gillie Kleiman
            Cambridge Junction, Cambridge
2019    Institut für Theater, Film und Medienwissenschaft Goethe Universität Frankfurt
2019    Goldsmiths MA Design
2018    Syllabus IV cohort  
2018    LSE Philosophy Forum
2018    Birkbeck arts PhD candidates
2018    Alt MFA
2017    Goldsmiths PhD candidates
2017    London School for Contemporary Dance MA
2015    Birkbeck BA Dance
2015    Independent Dance’s Crossing Borders
2014    Dance Art Foundation‘s Dance Critical Theory Group.
2013    Open School East
2018    SPILL Festival SPILL OPEN, UK
2018    LADA DIY, UK
2017    METAL Changemakers LAB participant, UK
2017    Dance on the Radio award
2016    Golden Cobra Award: Game with best use of somatic elements
2015    danceWEB scholarship, Austria/EU
2014    Outstanding Masters Research 2014.
             Roehampton University Dance Department, UK
2013    Independent Dance’s mentoring programme, UK

2017    Siobhan Davies Studios Open Choreography Residency, UK
2016    Performing Politics/Politicising Performance:
             Summer School of Political Dissent. University of Warwick, UK
2016    AirSpace Gallery artist in residence, UK
2015    Meg Stuart/ Porto Sessions, Portugal
2015    Tanteo, UK
2015    PAF London, Independent Dance, UK
2015    Paradise Lost, Retreat, UK
2014    Paradise Lost, Retreat, UK
2013    Paradise Lost, Retreat, UK
2012    Dramaturgs’ Network ft. Hildegard de Vuyst, Dramaturgy and Dance, UK

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