A research project into backwards movement. It looked at retrograde movement (‘rewinding’ forward movement), reverse movement (travelling in a backwards direction), reverse chronology (stories told backwards like the film Irréversible, as well as questions in physics and philosophy about the direction of time).

In 2011 I spent 10 weeks looking at how a body – designed primarily to move forwards – can move backwards. The research looked at mechanical details like balance and falling and the role of different body parts in movement as well as how it feels personally to move backwards, and what it evokes in a spectator. The resulting forty minute performance was shown at SPACE @ Clarence Mews.

In May 2012 I carried out studio research with dance artists Fumi Tomioka and Gabby Rose looking at how text, movement, spatial position and scenography might be structured to present backwards chronology. I also spent five days of studio research and design with dramaturg Yarit Dor, as part of a programme by the Dramaturgs’ Network led by Hildegard De Vuyst (dramaturg to les ballets c de la b) with support from Company of Angels, Arts Council England and Jerwood Space.

In 2013 this research informed my solo performance The corrosive effects of time redefine everything against our will.

Supported by: Yarit Dor, Gabby Rose, Caroline Salem and artists at SPACE @ Clarence Mews, Fumi Tamioka, Nefeli Tsiouti, Dramaturg's Network, Jerwood Space