All The Things That We Can Do


A choreographic exploration through discussion, physical actions sharing information and ideas, a nice lunch with people engaging the political aspects of the body. Each week for six weeks participants worked as a group with an idea that relates in some way to bodies, to choreography and to politics, for example care, the autonomous body and voice.

Film by Luke W Moody

Film by Luke W Moody

All the things that we can do was a project by Hamish MacPherson, with Maria Sideri. This project was supported through Chisenhale Dance Space's Allotment programme - nurturing projects where artists take the lead - and by Shoreditch Town Hall and the University of Roehampton. Additional support and advice from Leo Burtin, Gillie Kleiman, Alexandrina Hemsley, Caurnie Soaperie, Lush Cosmetics (Stratford and Tunbridge Wells), Neal's Yard Remedies, Rajni Shah, Jessica Mai Sims, Patrick Staff, Laura Sweeney.

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