Martine Painter



Algorhythms was one of a series of events run by the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in 2012 in celebration of Alan Turing’s centenary. These events spoke about different aspects of his work on computers and artificial intelligence. Martine Painter and I delivered the event in which 60 members of the public tried their hand at drawing, painting and dancing using algorithms and automated processes in a hands-on exploration of whether art needs human guidance.

"[Hamish and Martine] came up with some great ways of presenting the ideas using artistic challenges to engage the audience.... It was a pleasure to work with people who have a nice clear vision for what they wanted to run. Feedback was unanimously positive and everyone involved would like to run similar things in the future!" (Rohan Mehra, Dana Centre/Science Museum)

Created and run by Hamish MacPherson and Martine Painter. Commissioned by Dana Centre/ Science Museum. Sponsored by Winton Capital Management.