1) There She Lies Motionless (2016)

My work is rarely documented, less so videoed as this will always impact on what are lightly held works.  This film (3’31”) is a kind of moody edit of There She Lies Motionless that attempts to convey a sense of something more going on in the work than a straightforward video would suggest.

There She Lies Motionless by Francesca Cavello & Hamish MacPherson is an exercise in compassion, vulnerability and power, sitting somewhere between, workshop, performance and the every day practice of giving and receiving care. Loosely based on the work and life of Caroline Thomas, a woman who has simulated illnesses for over 30 years as a part of her volunteering commitment to the Casualties Union , There she Lies, Motionless is a setting for mutual, physical interaction where the action of caring for, with and about someone becomes choreography and the grammar for the imagination of unforeseen solutions.

2) Removal (2018)

This 8’31” video is of a open rehearsal of ‘Removal’ one section of my longer seven hor work Still Life. In it Paul Hughes struggles to undress and unwrap my inert body. Meanwhile he performs another section ‘Room Service’ in which he follws a deck of cards to set instructions and demands of Antonio de la Fe.

Still Life will be premiered at Spill Festival on 3 November. It is one work made up of 11 one-hour performances, overlapping over six hours.  Individual performances do not have specific tickets, audiences can enter between noon and 5pm every 30 minutes and stay for an hour.

This is the latest work in my Configurations series which orbits around the idea of care as an aesthetic, choreographic and political practice. As a negotiation of constantly fluctuating needs, capacities and interests. And in particular, care that is disengaged, reluctant or otherwise complicated and with problems.