Image by Simon Ellis and Paul Hughes

I am a London-based choreographer*. I use performances, workshops, larps, games and other things to create environments for people to think, learn and be together. These structures are often decentralised and self-organising, combining physical activity and conversation and have dealt with themes like somatic citizenship, resentment, care and the future. My work somehow reflects my positions as a white European, able-bodied, heterosexual cismale.

For a while I’ve been thinking about care as an aesthetic, choreographic and political practice. As a negotiation of constantly fluctuating needs, capacities and interests. I am particularly interested in care that is disengaged, hostile, reluctant or otherwise complicated and problematic.

Another line of enquiry of mine is THIS MOVEMENT, looking into literal and metaphorical movements. It takes different forms for example talks, interviews, workshops and interventions.

“I think Hamish’s work troubles a lot of the received thinking and quiet dogma within somatic dance – and I admire how his thinking can spirals around a central concern, and results in radically different manifestations.” -- Paul Hughes

I have an MRes in Choregraphy and Performance from Roehampton University and an MA in Human Ethics and Global Values from Kings College, London.

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and  Tumblr but the best way to find out what I’m doing is to subscribe to my email newsletter.

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Image by Simon Ellis and Paul Hughes

* “Choreography...beyond its technical definition as “’the making of dance,’ is a field that proposes modes of being rather than methodologies. Its object is the embodiment of thought, or most simply, putting ideas into motion.” Philip Gates (2017) What is Contemporary Choreography?


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