I am a London-based artist who uses ideas and methods from choreography and dance to think about politics. I make workshops, non-digital games, performances, writings, images and other things in artistic, academic and community contexts. My works tends to be clusters of many smaller things rather than working up to something like a big show. Current projects include THIS MOVEMENT, using lots of different methods to look at how we (everyone) use our bodies to make politics and Configuration (Hard Care) looking at care as an aesthetic, choreographic and political practice.

My work somehow reflects my positions as a white European, ablebodied, heterosexual, cismale.

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, my Choreographing Politics blogs and on BELLYFLOP. And you can subscribe to my email newsletter.


1. How do we start with who and what is in the room? Whether it is a political discussion or a dance class. Particularity not universality. Related to that - how to undo the violence of abstraction (epistemic violence)?

2. Dance is a particular cultural form that is part of an expanded repertoire of citizenship. Citizenship is a somatic (bodily) thing as much as a legal or economic thing.

3. What if there were already enough for everyone?

4. GIF making as a way to think about movement, choreology and choreography.


6. Thinking of care as an aesthetic and political practice. How to get my head round care when it is such a ubiquitous and now, in the arts, prominent term. How to feel its complications and problems.

7. How to create make the 'rules' of encounters/ meetings/ relationships explicit. How can they be amended by those within them. Thinking of this as a kind of game or performance mechanic but also as a kind of political modelling.

8. What is my role as a facilitator/ initiator in my works? Can I disappear?

9. …floating attention…can our awareness as performers be light and indirect and continuous?…a kind of wandering meditation where it is ok to ride that drift...but then what about the awareness of an audience…can that be light and continuous and indirect? Not trying to exprience a climax or have elements that stand out but a kind of continuous drifting attention, is that something we can get to...or maybe like the film Slackers when the camera just goes from one group to the next..or like an optical illusion where your eyes drift lightly, softly in order to see the movement. ..

10. How to survive