My name is Hamish MacPherson.

I am a London-based artist interested in the intersections between choreography and philosophy.

Much of my work involves setting up relational structures that can be used for learning, performance-making and other encounters. I am particularly interested in the interplay between theoretical knowledge and practical, embodied knowledge.  I might work with abstract ideas in quite literal, concrete ways or focus on how we discuss something alongside what we are discussing.

Current interests include the dark and disengaged aspects of care, and the embodiment of state politics. I also think about ugly feelings like resentment and complaining, and what it means to prepare for the future.   

My work takes the form of performances, films, audio pieces, texts, games, workshops, publications, festivals and other things.  They take place in art and educational institutions, online and occasionally in public spaces. 

I often collaborate with other people on projects and I also perform with/ for others.

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr but the best way to find out what I’m doing is to subscribe to my email newsletter.

hamishmacphersonx >> gmail >> com



“NO CLIMAX YET brings an exquisite group of artists together in an unexpected collection of performative and choreographic actions that suggest an exploration of mind and body, of our relation to others. It invites you to be a spectator, confronting the audience with the role a voyeur wand influencing the work itself, seemingly weaving your mind and body into the actions of the performers. Witnessing and attending to care, I’m struck by a desire to enter, to escape, to move at least.”

Paul Russ
Artistic Director and Chief Executive
Dance4 Nottingham, UK

“Hamish MacPherson’s work has a tendency to expand in all directions, and with NO CLIMAX YET he’s taken this even further, starting with the topical, even trendy subject of care and wandering away from all the trodden paths toward its dark and disinterested side. His stops along the way bring him in touch with some really varied interlocutors – from a massage therapist to a person who likes being used as furniture. And then he brings it all into a room and invites us to hang out with it for a while.”

Lauren Wright
Programme Director
Siobhan Davies Dance London, UK

“I loved NO CLIMAX YET. I loved the shifting, slippery nature of it. It felt like a collage of bodies, textures, sounds and moments, intersecting, rubbing up against and contrasting with each other. Experiencing it made me feel at once involved, exposed and kept at arm’s length, jealously wondering what I had missed and what I was going to miss. It was like a hallucinatory window into two transitory, overlapping worlds. In one moment bodies were agents, in the next material to be sculpted and played with. At times it was dark, at others frank, at others extremely gentle. At all times it was hypnotic and swallowed you into it.”

Lara Tysseling
Assistant Producer
The Yard London, UK

“[His work] reveals how spectatorship is always partial and that therefore they ways we think about what the work is and what it means to experience it requires rethinking. [...]  we need to continue to examine works which push at the edges of the conventions in dance regarding structure, duration and form and rethink what is means to engage with and access works of dance and performance.”

Hetty Blades


“Consistently impressed and intrigued by this excellent zine: not just some incredibly acute thinking about what performance can do, but also what, as a format, a zine can aspire to do. Highly recommended.”
Chris Goode

“It seems to me that Hamish MacPherson succeeds in a deeper exploring of a (caring) practice than I have experienced from care ethics until now. He unravels and disentwines that particular situation to a new essence. He does that without the theoretical concepts about needing care and giving care, organization, power, politics, and even ethics. What happens when we focus solely on the physical interaction in a caring practice?”
Aletta Oosten careethics blog

“Very well done, very well presented. A beautiful zine”
Five O’Clock Zines

“A small gem of a magazine”
Maartje Nevejan

“Enlightening, funny, odd and just brilliant to have around”
Robbie Synge

“Deep, soulful, complex, light, fun”
Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot
Dance artist

“Brilliantly broad and incisive”
Paul Hughes
Artist, dramaturg & writer

“Best interview I've done about lift and carry, my philosophy regarding it along with my 'unique' sense of humour”