I am a London-based choreographer* researcher. I use performances, workshops, larps, games and other things to create environments for people to think, learn and be together. These structures are often decentralised and self-organising, combining physical activity and conversation and have dealt with themes like embodied philosophy, what else might a dance class look like?, ugly feelings, choreographing politics, movement/movement, and the future. My work somehow reflects my positions as an aging white European, non-disabled, heterosexual cismale.

* “Choreography...beyond its technical definition as “’the making of dance,’ is a field that proposes modes of being rather than methodologies. Its object is the embodiment of thought, or most simply, putting ideas into motion.” – Philip Gates (2017) What is Contemporary Choreography?

Configurations is a series of works that orbits around the idea of care as an aesthetic, choreographic and political practice. As a negotiation of constantly fluctuating needs, capacities and interests. I am particularly interested in care that is disengaged, hostile, reluctant or otherwise complicated and problematic. It has taken the form of performances, workshops, writings and publications.

“I think Hamish’s work troubles a lot of the received thinking and quiet dogma within somatic dance – and I admire how his thinking can spirals around a central concern, and results in radically different manifestations.” – Paul Hughes

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr but the best way to find out what I’m doing is to subscribe to my email newsletter.

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