A dance history game


An alternative way to chart a history of dance

You will need
A six sided dice (or random number generator)
A ten side dice
Access to the internet and a library

The steps

A. Roll one six sided dice to select a continent:
1. North America
2. South America
3. Europe
4. Africa
5. Asia
6. Australasia

For example if you roll a 5 the continent is Asia

B. The period is from 1000 CE - 1999 CE

Roll one ten sided dice three times to determine the decade, century and year.

For example if you roll a 4, 7, 8, the year is 1478

C. Write a history of dance centred on the year and place selected. It is recommended that you pick a specific country within the continent. Follow what was happening then and there backwards and forwards in time.

For a quicker version of the game just write a short account of that year and place.

D. Re roll if you get any of the following combinations

Europe 1669
Europe 1913
Europe 1980-99
North America 1962

E. Copy your history into this shared document